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Mixed Mushroom Linguine


Chesnut mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, button mushrooms & any others that take your fancy...
Asparagus & sliced pepper (or whichever other veg you fancy)
& Boursin (Mixed herbs & garlic), olive oil & black pepper & fry it all off in a little bit of olive oil.

Cook the linguine as per packet instructions.

Serve + yummy!

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Diane Von Furstenburg dress

August Bradley photography

This fairy tale bed by Attila Design

Beautiful embroidery (flickr, Bonzie81)

The beautiful Ms Hepburn

Audrey Kawaski

Doughnuts... although personally I'm a sucker for the sugar coated jam filled ones that are physically inpossible to eat without a)licking your lips & b)making a mess!

Coolest Beard EVER!!

Isn't it?!!

By Andrew Pommier.

Chill Out Time...

What a week it's been. Work is so incredibly busy right now,Xmas shopping has kicked in so the restaurant is packed from start to finish at the weekend & pretty much buzzing right through the week.
On top of that we've had head office in almost every day, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the cocktail menu, I've just realised I've forgotten to order milk for the weekend, the Xmas menu food tasting session was y'day morning (Porchetta & Tutti Frutti tiramisu for breakfast?)& I had to get all the Health & Safety paperwork up to date. I'm exhausted!

Have the day off today though so slept in for a bit... had Malt Loaf & a cup of tea for breakfast & then went shopping with Mr J. We ventured into Aldi for the first time... conditioner for 59p, pickled red cabbage for 79p & we picked up some yummy German peppered salami for 99p! Bargain. Ohhhh & 6 bottles of Klassiek genuine Dutch beer for £3.79. We'll be shopping in Aldi for Xmas foodie bargains, that's for sure!

On the subject of food I went into our local Chinese Supermarket y'day & wow... so much stuff! & some of it is at really great prices. I bought these awesome sweet ricecakes, Sesame Mochi, they're delicious!

In honour of the scrummy Mochi I've made myself a sesame chinese tonight with lots of crunchy veg & some leftover turkey. Yum. We've had a bit of a cooking week this week... Mr J made chilli & ginger pork noodles the one day & a lamb roast another & I made a creamy Sesame chicken curry (yep I'm having a Sesame kick!) although one night he was working so I went to the chippy & had a steak & kidney pie with chips & pickled onions!

Having been trawling through www.frankie.com.au I am feeling very inspired by Melanie Lee, Catherine Campbell, Erika Somogy & Devon Smith & I' going to relaxing with a spot of papercrafting...

I Wanna Know What Love Is...

The original, by Foreigner, is an incredibly epic 80's tune & the new cover, by Mariah Carey, is incredible! I'm amazed to be saying that having not been a fan of Mariahs for a very long time. The only album by her that I ever liked was MTV Unplugged which was incredibly gospely & had the awesome Make It Happen on it. Now though I might check out her new album.

Jedward were voted out ofthe X Factor, hooray! I'm sure they're lovely boys but they can't sing! I like Stacey, the girl is so sweet & her voice is just amazing Ohhh & Danyl & Olly, he's such a little cutey!

Anyway enough crap music gossip I have to get ready for work.

My Favourite Artists #1

Anarkitty... as discovered in Clutter magazine...

Her girls are absolute gorgeousness incarnate, incredibly distinctive, wide eyed but definitely not innocent... beautiful.


I feel so happy today... breakfast in bed, numerous cups of tea, dancing to Take That in my living room, a whole day off work, a Saturday no less!!, a brand new copy of Lula, scrapbooking.... BLISS <3 xxxx <3

Writer's Block: Time in a bottle

Imagine that you have a time machine. Which deceased musician would you most want to travel back in time to watch perform live?

Elvis Presley... it would be awesome to go back in time to see him, to see first hand what all the fuss was about & the impact he had on that era there & then.

New Home

So... almost settled in to our new flat now... nearly everything is unpacked. The flat is gorgeous! So much nicer than the last one, the only downside are the electric hobs... much prefer cooking on gas, it'sso much easier. Our flat has these amazing glass panels set into the roof so you can chill out on the sofa & watch the clouds floating over... Mr J, my other half, says that at night if you turn all the lights you can see the stars. I can't wait to have a night off where I can give it a try!

Mr J is currently sitting on the (huge, very comfortable) sofa watching videos of our holiday to Egypt for my 30th. Us floating over the Nile in a hotair balloon... I look hideous though!! It was such an incredible experience, we flew over the Valley of The Kings & watched the sun rise. Beautiful. It's my birthday coming up real soon... 32 this year!

Back to the move... I've realised that I actually own an entire suitcase full of fabrics, as well as a bag full of wool (I can't knit!), a tin full of buttons, jars of ribbons & 2 cases of beads which is insane! I'm going to be keeping an eye out for inspiration...

I'm really really tired, between moving house, working 11/12 hour shifts & unpacking, i'm exhausted so I'm off for a snooze...

Writer's Block: If these walls could talk

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

I'd have to think twice about buying, that's for sure, but rent free., it's mine! Snap it up & call in the Ghostbusters! ;)