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Trials & Tribulations of a Wannabe Domestic Goddess

I'm just the other side of 30, with a closet fetish for Frankie, Nude, Clutter & Lula magazines. I love Big Eye Art, Textile art, cartoons, Nascar, sunny weather, reading & food. I love eating out, cooking, baking & I work in a restaurant so I'm a total foodie. I live with my gorgeous boyfriend who works in the wonderful world of music & we reside in Oxford which is pretty cool. I am a blog addict & I always always have a book on the go! I have had a love/hate relationship with my fringe since the age of 12 & now cannot decide between skater jeans or skinnies... (Skinnies are definately advantageous during the miserable English winter!)& I'm a sucker for a latte. Double shot, 2 sugars, thanks :)